Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Jump, Jump Stab

As is usual on each Wednesday afternoon, I looked after the "Third Funniest Boy in His Class"(TFB) and his younger brother K today.

These two boys are computer nuts and jump at any opportunity to play on the computer. This can cause fighting sometimes, but most of the time K will put up with TFB's bossiness and allows him to "show" K how to play the game.

Their most recent game acquisition has been the Star Wars Lego game. BUT the game is only installed on their dad's laptop. Which means instead of being greeted each evening with "Hello Dad, how was your day", poor dad gets "Dad, Can I play on your laptop?" Needless to say, dad is feeling a bit used recently and has been known to sit in the corner and sob while the boys mindlessly play on his laptop (I can't really back that up, but I'm sure that would be my response). Mum does not even get a glance if she arrives home after dad.

Not having dad's laptop when I am there does not stop these boys one bit. Once we sit down to eat dinner, they will fill me in on every little detailed part of their Star Wars Lego adventures. They go back and forth finishing each others sentences and giving me extra bits of information about the fighting scenes that the other forgot to tell me.

Of course I find this all VERY fascinating. K informed me this evening that he has FOUR Light "Savers" and he killed Boba Fett who then proceeded to punch him. I asked the silly question "How does he punch you if he's dead?"

K & TFB: It's in the story. He has to punch me.
Me: Oh... so even though you kill him, he has to come back to life because that's part of the story?
K: Yes. You "dust" jump jump stab and he's dead.

It all made sense to me after that explanation. Of course I had to see this killer move for myself. There is nothing more deadly looking than a little Jedi Lego Man walking around jump, jump stabbing his way out of every situation.


Amelia and Elliott Smith said...

This makes me laugh, I love kids especially when they are the 3rd funniest in the class.

Kelly said...

He he..just read this one. My boys love all the Lego games. Seen the jump jump stab first hand. V. impressive.