Thursday, 16 October 2008

Lazy Scrapbooking

I know.... I said a dirty word. At least it was a dirty word for me for years. As a single working class kind of girl, I never really understood how anyone could get excited about (and have enough time to do) scrapbooking. Ok - I'll admit it. I scorned those ladies who did scrapbooking. My official apology is yet to come. And then.... I got married and had the LQ.

With the mountains of photographs piling up and a hankering to do something pretty, I started to get the idea that maybe I would like to try a bit of this scrapbooking. So I did. Last Christmas. And I liked it. NOW... this isn't a testimonial about how great scrapbooking is, because frankly - scrapbooking isn't all that great. Oh, sure... I like the idea of it. But it is so dang expensive, it takes up way too much time and my creative juices only flow for a few hours each year... oddly enough they usually flow when I've had just the right amount of sleep, I have all the housework done, the LQ is taking an extraordinarily long nap AND I have just recently been inspired by other work. And let's be honest - how often do ALL those little ducks line up??

BUT, just recently I've had a renewed energy to do this scrapbooking thing. and the energy is staying! Want to know my secret?

I am lazy - I only do the small pages (you know the 8 x 8 books?). This means.... less "stuff" to buy (cheaper), less time taken to complete a page, less space needed to make the creation (and to keep the creation) and less creativity needed to complete a page. Stick a button and a ribbon here and there and colour match a few bits of paper and voila - you have the lazy scrapbooker. And the best thing about it - It still looks like I am an amazing, well rounded mother.

Go on, try it. You know you secretly want to.

Here are my pages I have done so far

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Amelia and Elliott Smith said...

I am so with you on the scrapbooking dilemma. I'm sure we talking about this last Christmas, but I just don't have the money or the time to devote to this hobby. But then I feel slightly guilty about not creatively documenting Audrey's life. Well, the blog is taking care of the documenting and those cute scrapbook pages we made last year will have to do for the creativity for now... too bad we only made three!