Monday, 6 October 2008

Now that's a REAL Aussie Kid

As a child from Australia, I always knew that "Aussie kids are WEET-BIX kids."

That's why, when LQ decided to forgo a teddy cookie to eat a dry cereal biscuit (Weet-Bix) I knew that she has proven that she is a true Aussie kid. I just need to get her hooked on vegemite toast and my role as a mother will be complete.


Matthew S said...

I love the commercial but the imagery suggests something quite different than the lyrics: Aussie kids love the water; they are fun loving, they are cute, they use sun block, they're playful... AND THEY ARE ALL WHITE.

Dallas said...

Speaking of suggestive imagery... We just returned from watching "Burn After Reading" at the cinema. It is brilliant, by the way. Before the film there was a trailer for the film "Australia". The trailer opens with Nicole Kidman, effecting a British accent, approaching a young, female indigenous Australian. Nicole begins telling this girl a story, and effectively "teaches" the young girl about the history of Australia, or at least the history of the British in Australia. This trailer uses similar imagery to establish a maternal relationship (Mother England) over the young and impressionable indigenous Australians, that is seen in Hollywood films which establish a paternal relationship with Japan.
- dallas