Sunday, 1 March 2009

LQ at Dance Class

Oh boy! I have been trying to upload these videos for the past four days with no luck. I randomly chose this one in the hopes that one of the videos would upload! So here she is in all her glory - LQ "dancing"

[Edited: I'll admit, not the best one that I have. She's acting all tired. But if you listen carefully you can hear LQ say "thank you". Hoo.... did I just make your day?!]

1 comment:

DeNae said...

She's every bit as light on her feet as I am, but far cuter. You gotta love "2"!

(And p.s. Of COURSE I'll be your friend when you come to the states! I've already been shopping for a house for you in my ward, so I hope you're planning on living in Las Vegas. Otherwise, that's gonna be a heckuva commute...)