Tuesday, 10 March 2009

I Need to Win Something

So to get a total of 13 entries into this competition, I am linking back to this post.

I am also giving you a youtube video to watch about a fantastic book (I haven't actually read it, but I've heard it's great).

And if you look closely at my sidebar, I am even promoting it there. Because if you do that, you get an extra two entries.

The competition goes all week long with a new draw each day... so the odds are good. You should get yourself on over to The Lyon's Tale blog.


DeNae said...

Shameless! I love that you aren't even PRETENDING to have any more honorable reasons for doing this than that you TOTALLY want to win! Helen, you are my kinda gal!

Knot Sew Shabby said...

Don't you just love give-a-ways?!? lol. I am such a sucker for them and never win, but still--one day, maybe!haha!

Well let me know your e-mail address..... e-mail me at knot.sew.shabby@gmail.com and I will fill you in and answer all your questions....you just have to do one thing for me...............

You ready?

All you have to do is let us know how you came across Knot Sew Shabby ...what website or blog..... or if on google, what did you type in.......... we are just curious how people find us!

Thanks, we look forward to hearing from you!

totally kidding 'bout having to do that, but if you could let us know, that would be AWESOME! We are happy and excited to do this for you! --and you helping us!