Thursday, 5 March 2009

Time for a Post

I feel it is time I blessed this blog with another post. I have been feeling this way since Tuesday. I have silently acknowledged that the last post left a lot to be desired, although anyone remotely interested in LQ would have loved it.

My problem, however, is dire. I have nothing. Each time I have a moment to churn something out, the inner dialogue goes a little something like this:

Ok, it's time you did another post. Try to make it good this time.

Brain: Done... I think I can manage one good post a year... maybe this time will be it.

That sounds promising... what have you got so far?

Brain: [stares blankly at my skull]

No, seriously... surely you have some deep inner thoughts that will astound and amaze even the brightest of our readers.

Brain: [looking at the dim, gray walls of nothing] ummmm...

Oh come on! Alright, maybe there's something exciting that has happened in your life that you can blog about.

Brain: [reaching through the cobwebby archives] Well..... there is that emotional breakdown you had on Wednesday, it -

Shut up! Shhh... that's not to be mentioned. Anyway, as I recall, it was you that couldn't corral those wild untamed thoughts that made me cry.

Back to the matter at hand. Maybe I have some cute photos of LQ that could be posted in lieu of words. No one will notice the difference. [starts scrolling frantically through recent photos]

Poop and bum, can't you even encourage me to take some pictures? All I have here are those ones of LQ's mess. Brain, you are really letting me down here.

Brain: You COULD post those poo pictures. I know of at least two people who would be delighted to see your child's mess. I know I have a bit of a giggle whenever you come across them.

Ugh. This is useless. I am going back to blog stalking and envying those women with brains that are a little sharper. And when you do end up having an original thought, let me know.

Brain: [whilst shoving two Krispy Kreme's in its mouth] Wha..? Ummm... ok. I liked it better when you only did Facebook.


CaJoh said...

Don't think that you are dull or boring. I think that a lot of people are going through a writers lull at the moment. I would suggest writing down a bunch of topics you want to write about and make them drafts. Then when you think about those topics, add to them. Then when you are satisfied with expounding on that topic, post it.

DeNae said...

Well, perhaps it's because I, too, am in a February lull (and don't you DARE remind me that it's March, Helen. That's just rude!) but I found this little conversation between you and your brain very entertaining. I laughed! I cried! I can't wait for the sequel! I want to see that brain on a Burger King Kids' Meal bag!

You're more clever than you have ever given yourself credit, at least for as long as I've been following your blog. If this is an example of what you produce when you've got "nothing", then look out bloggy world!

Kelly said...

Well, you made me laugh Helen, so you are rating well on the entertainment scale.

Something which may give you a bit of inspiration was a site I found called "Plinky" - it's basically a bunch of prompts or questions that make it easier to come up with interesting stuff for your blog! I'm going to have a play...after Isaiah's birthday party tomorrow. Argh, the stress!

R Max said...

I have similar conversations with my brain on a regular basis only my brain is rubbish so the replies I get from it aren't as interesting as yours.