Saturday, 14 March 2009

WIN a Quiet Book and Eternal Salvation for your Toddler

In an effort to buy find some friends for DeNae, Ms Anita, kiwibabee, Crissie and my Aunty Heather over at my other blog, A Toddlers Guide to Scripture Study, I have joined the give away band wagon.

The generous gals from Knot Sew Shabby are helping me out with the prize. If you go to their Etsy store here you will see how talented they really are. I thought about making my own quiet book for you and a couple of seconds later threw that idea out the window. I mean, I'm sure you are worth it, but do you know how time consuming it is to MAKE something like that??

So to win this Quiet Book (perfect for long flights and long sacrament meetings) - see here for more photos - all I need you to do is go over to my blog A Toddlers Guide to Scripture Study and leave a comment on my "Ideas?" post. If you would like an extra chance at winning, add yourself as a follower (and let me know you did). I will put all the names in a hat and pick one at random.

I can't tell you how excited I am about this Quiet Book. Did I tell you I love the quiet book I have? LQ loves it too. Except the one I have isn't as brilliant as the one from Knot Sew Shabby. You see, once you have the basic book, you can buy extra pages (that are only $16) and add them to your Quiet Book. I can't do that with mine... so LQ is stuck with the same old thing each week. Those Knot Sew Shabby girls are just smart (and really nice too!).

Ok... now go forth and spread the word.... I really think DeNae needs some friends over at my blog, she's the one who suggested I do a competition.

Fine Print: Competition closes Saturday 21st March at midnight Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time - you smarties can work out for yourselves what time that will be where you live. Quiet book may have different flavoured fabric to the one pictured.


DeNae said...

Helen, I've said it before, but, girl, you are ON these days! I love that the quiet book comes in flavors! I'm going right over to the other blog and check out who's in the running!

Gran Denny said...

You are so clever Helen, count me in, I know Major would adore a quiet book when he's big enough to see.