Thursday, 12 March 2009

Hold Everything!

Forget 'roos jumping through windows, we've got bigger problems down here in Sydney!

According to "the third funniest boy in his class" there are DEMENTORS flying around the schools of Sydney. He should know.... his friend saw one.

After dropping this bombshell on me this afternoon, he went on to talk about other mundane school stuff, you know - bullies and the like.

"Whoa! Hold up there 'third funniest boy'. This Dementor problem is troubling me. Are you sure it was a Dementor that your friend saw."

"Oh definitely. Well, he might be lying.... but I don't think so."

"Don't you usually feel it, not see it?"

"Feel it?"

"Yes - you know - you get all cold and your soul feels like it's getting sucked out. Did your friend feel that?"

"oh. No. The Dementor didn't see him. He just saw the Dementor."

"I guess that's ok then.... but I'm still a little disturbed that there are Dementors just flying around your school."

"oh. There are heaps of them at our school. Why do you think they are at our school?"

"I couldn't really say 'third funniest boy'. Maybe there is a wizard hiding out at your school."

"No. I think they are looking for Hogwarts."

"jeez.... they're a bit lost then, aren't they?"

You heard it here first. World's Dumbest Dementors, looking for Hogwarts, Invade Sydney Primary Schools. Apparently they aren't into soul sucking either. They must be the warm fuzzy kind.


CaJoh said...

I guess Dementors can be good as well. There's hope for us all.

Speaking of Warm Fuzzys— I recently found my story I wrote about them and will have to post it.

Kimberly said...

That's hilarious!

DeNae said...

I was wondering where I left my Dementors. One minute they're in my purse, losing my keys and eating all my Certs, and the next they're rather stupidly floating around Australian schools!

And thanks for linking up to the public service announcement on my blog. I just felt the citizenry of Canberra needed to be aware of the rogue 'roo epidemic in case they needed to put bars in their windows or sharpen up their Samurai swords.

Kelly said...

I just HAVE to know, how did The Third Funniest Boy in his Class earn his title?