Sunday, 8 March 2009

And a bit of LQ on the side

Since realising that my most recent photos were not ones I wanted to share on the world wide web, I have been dutifully taking snapshots of my LQ doing the things she likes to do the most.

Just recently she has taken to eating her big toe. Gross, I know... but oh so funny. The problem was, whenever I wanted to take a photo of it, she would stop doing it. So during this photo session, I was shouting out "EAT IT, LQ!! EAT YOUR BIG TOE!!" Of course we then both got the giggles.
And then there's LQ moving the little slide around on the back deck. She usually moves it right against the rail and I have to stop her from sliding down the thing so she doesn't break her legs. Unfortunately I was a bit slow on the uptake the other day and of course she went down and began crying because she jarred her little legs.

It has started to get cooler in the evenings and in the mornings here (and even sometimes during the day). LQ insisted on going outside at the crack today, so it was a tad too cool for my liking. I insisted she wear her jacket if she went outside. As the day warmed up, I tried to take the jacket off her, but she liked it too much. So here she is, in all her jacket glory.


Gran Denny said...

Oooow, ya betta watch out there Hel, there's an old Maori saying that when the baby starts sucking it's toes, the next baby is not too far away!

DeNae said...

Oh, those wise, wise Maoris!

There's an old DeNae saying: "When the baby starts sucking its toes, it's time for the dog to stop piddling on the floor."

I noticed the jacket. Pretty soon I'm going to have to change my Australia weather reports when I do the "news" on my blog.

When do you move to the states? In time for summer? Way to keep that tan alive!