Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Stepping Out

I am tentatively going to step out of this little mummy blog/toddler bubble that I have created for myself to tell what is happening in the real world of Dal, Hel & Bel.

First, it gives me GREAT pleasure to tell you that Dal will officially be awarded his Master of Arts degree in Asian Studies shortly. I am so very proud of his efforts. The professors invited to mark his thesis were both very impressed and the comments made were quite encouraging. Now, very gently, I will tell you that Dal did not get accepted to any of the Ph.D. programs that he applied for.

We were so sure (cocky even?) that Dal would be accepted somewhere in the states that we bought flights to Mesa. I thought I was moving forward in faith... obviously God thought differently.

And now we have a dilemma. What are we to do with this next year (because Dal is determined to be accepted to a Ph.D. program next year)? The brakes have been heavily applied to our life and now we have to swing this life (that had kind of gained a nice momentum) in a different direction. We have talked, pondered, prayed and sought advice about this problem and we are down to two different options.

Option 1 - Dal is to get a job teaching at a community college in or around Mesa area while we stay in the basement of his parent's house. This would be great for the teaching experience.
Option 2 - Dal stays with his current employer but transfers to Hobart (look it up, people, look it up). My parents live in Hobart. We would hopefully live with them in a self contained apartment on their property.

Yeah, you are sensing a theme too?

I am excited at the prospect of living near family for a while. We really miss that comfort and closeness.

So in an effort to help us choose the correct option I have decided to pit one family against the other. I am not sure what I will have them do yet, I will be taking ideas shortly .... Let the games begin. We shall see who wins(?) Dal, Hel and Bel.


CaJoh said...

Oh boy— Family Feud. Let us know how things turn out. Good luck however things turn out.

DeNae said...

I know you didn't solicit opinions on this, but goodness, when has THAT ever stopped me??

Because I have so much stewardship over you and your family and am therefore entitled to truckloads of revelation regarding your choices, I think you should (what's that? I don't have stewardship over these guys? But I love Helen...oh, all right.)

Hel, I've been told I'm not entitled to revelation for your family - ironically, by the power of revelation, or maybe just one of those little voices in my head. Nevertheless, I believe Dal should take a teaching gig somewhere, because I kind of think that has more cache when applying to PhD programs.

I also think I would rather have a root canal every single day of my life than move in with my in-laws. But I'm sure yours are just wonderful.

Good luck, baby! I'll light a candle for you (and warm up my pool, in case you make it to the states this summer and need a little Vegas vacation!)

That Girl in Brazil said...

Oh dear. Crossroads are NEVER EVER fun.


Don't you love playing guessing games with the Spirit?

The good news is - God always wins. ;o)

Melanie said...

Um. . . I know I'm not a Petersen. . . but if they need another member of their team, may I please raise my hand to participate?

I'm just saying. . . you have a lot of family, Helen.

Gran Denny said...

Oow, tricky one Helen, I know you and Dallas will be led by the spirit, even if this means you suddenly feel you are not knowing beforehand what you should do....
Keep us posted.

Amelia and Elliott Smith said...

I am so sorry about the PhD programs, what a disapointment. I'm sure something good will come out of this.

Anonymous said...

Well, I can see we need a plug for Tasmania or Tassie as we aussies call it.
Definitely seperate dwellings!
A chance to explore this beautiful isle.
Time with Mum before you move for a looong time. and the rest of the family of course.
Family tax benefits for another year! Maybe more bonuses from Kevin Rudd.
Etc. Love, Mum

brodie said...

Well, I'm not going to post a clause like "If you feel it is right" or "If it is the answer to your prayers" etc... I'm just going to put it out there as an order - MOVE TO TASMANIA! - cause I love you and Dallas too much for you to leave. There a penguins in tasmania.
love aunty bro (representing team cluff)

brodie said...

Ha ha ha. quote " There ARE penguins in tasmania" I'm sure there is more than one !

fifi said...

Nope, just one lonely penguin Bro. Come see the lonely penguin you know you want to. I've probably only seen little dot like 3 times in my life. It's unfair that you should move away for a really long time before I can spend some quality time with the cutie. Team Hobart!