Tuesday, 27 October 2009

One mother's zit...

I have a nice juicy pimple sitting right underneath my nose. It is a hurty one, so I have resisted all urges to squeeze and let it be.

I have a daughter. A daughter who has found GREAT delight in pointing out the well cultivated pimple below my nose.

All day she has pointed, laughed hysterically while shouting with glee "NOSE!!!"

I am taking a guess that this wont be the last time LQ makes fun of me.

Books are good


DeNae said...

No, it's not. Wait til she's old enough to put a picture of the zit on Facebook and solicit comments from her "friends".

The Williams family said...

uum thansk for sharing about your zit...hahah.i just wish i could resist the urge to squeeze mine hahaha
love the blog and pics and stuff
ps i need ya email

Tamara Jansen said...

Just wait till your kids are TEENAGERS and they notice you have a ZIT! They'll chase you around the house to "help" pop it :)