Wednesday, 7 October 2009

going to Hel...

I have had plenty of nicknames in my time. Just to name the ones I remember:

Twinkle Toes
Cluffy's Sister
Hel Bel
Hels Bells

I am sure you are getting the picture. That top one there... that's my dad's name for me. He has called me Chark from before my memories even begin. Just like going through phases of grief, I have gone through phases of owning that nickname.

First I owned it. It was MY name and there was nothing wrong with it at all. As I grew and became more aware of others, I realised that the name "Chark" didn't fall into the normal category of names. It was something to be ashamed of. I secretly prayed that dad would not call me by my nickname in front of my school friends. If the subject of nicknames came up, I would lower my head and if called upon to give my name I would mutter that I didn't have one.

Highschool brought with it a feeling of less embarrassment and more pride. I still didn't want the name to be divulged to anyone unless it was on my terms but I was more willing to tell others my unusual name.

Now in my old age and wisdom I am able to own it again. It is not often that I hear it, but when dad calls after me "see you later, chark" I feel a certain warmth and fondness.

My current nickname that I use online is more of a mistake than anything else. I named our blog Dal, Hel and Bel because I thought it sounded cute. As a default Blogger decided to give me the same nickame - Dal, Hel & Bel. In my blogging ignorance I didn't change it. I didn't realise I could have a different nickname. Until someone mentioned that she didn't know whether she should call me Dal, Hel or Bel or Hels Bels. In a panic I deleted the Dal and Bel and I became Hel.

I have been called Hel many times before in my life and I have to admit it doesn't bother me so much. But now having American in-laws and friends has made me aware the if I added another 'L' to my nickname I would be offending at least half of them on a regular basis.

Every time I post a comment and the comment box asks for my name, I hold my breath, type those three little letters and say a little prayer in the hopes that no one will take me to task on my name. I use it because people (all three of you) recognise that nickname.

So in the interest of less offending names, if I were to change my nickname what do you think is a good name? (please note I said LESS offensive!)


Misty said...

I don't think Hel is offensive. I wanna know the story behind Chark though. My dad's nickname for me is Skooks. I have no idea where it came from. Dads are cute, aren't they?

DeNae said...

You've always been Hel to me! And as long as you keep it I can riff on it in my blog posts, as I have done so many times - thanking you all the while for being such a good sport about it!

However, if you need a new nickname, you could try "Hek". Then, even with the additional letters, only the most puritanical among us will be wounded. And last time I checked, the Amish didn't blog.

That Girl said...

It doesn't even occur to me to be offended by Hel. Maybe I'm not very imaginative.

So are you asking for a blogging nickname to sign off on? Try to pick one that will spark people's interest. If it's clever, people might click on it to learn more about the person behind the thumbnail. I would mention Australia, because it's different and people like different. The "Awesome Aussie"?

No, that's lame.

(And obviously, my nickname does not meet the 'clever or different' criteria. So you probably shouldn't listen to me.)

Nikki said...

Cluff the magic dragon
Cluffed olive
Cluff daddy

I'm sure you've heard them all before!!!hehe...and I dont think poor Cluffy finds them funny. We just love that you guys have a cool last name. ;)
BTW, hope Launny was GREAT. Looking forward to hearing about the monkeys. X