Saturday, 10 October 2009


me (grooving along to a music cable channel): Ooooh! I haven't heard this song in AAAAAGES!

Dal acknowledges that he's heard me and continues staring at the television. He's possibly in a lack-of-LQ induced haze brought on by too many hours of sleep and movie watching.

me (still grooving while I put on my face): Oh wow, I love this song. I haven't heard it in ages!

Dal picks his ear.

me (standing stock still as Prince mesmerises me with his moves): Isn't his video just mesmerising? I haven't heard this song in ages!

Dal: Prince is a MAN.

me (searching the hotel room for some jellybeans. Still grooving): Oh goody! I haven't heard this song in AGES!

Dal waggles his bottom at me.

me: Good grief this is an oldie. I haven't heard this song--

then it hits me. I haven't heard ANY song in AGES. I am a mother of a 2 year old. I had better quit saying it before Dal does more than waggle his bottom at me.


DeNae said...

Once again you leave just enough of the inuendo door open it's just BEGGING me to pole vault through. But I absolutely will NOT say anything about the two of you being on vacation and Dal's propensity to waggle.

I won't.

Mattias, Karissa & Enzo said...

that is so true! Somehow motherhood makes you forget or disregard your own needs to meet those of your child. I too have been on a music drought and just now started listening a bit more to my own music. Loving it!