Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Fat Babies

Dal's brother and wife just had their first child.

Ten pounds and 3 ounces. Ummmm.... OUCH?!

Dal's brother posted photos on facebook for those of us who are maybe in a different part of the world or couldn't be bothered to see the real deal.

The comments have already started:

"Dang! That's a big boy"

several more comments about how big he is.

"I hope Amy had the epidural she was planning" (I couldn't help but say something)

"He's going to surpass my eight month old in weight soon"

All of these comments are of course said with no malice whatsoever, but it reminded me of a time before LQ was walking (and even a little bit after).

Although born at a measly six pound 11 ounces LQ quickly worked her way up the buddha ladder . She didn't quite make it to complete buddha status, but if I had a guess I would say she was at least buddha's apprentice. Her insistence on being bald for so long didn't help one bit.

Her chubbiness (chubby - the word used to describe fat babies) solicited many comments not unlike the ones her cousin is now getting.

standing up 2

"Wow, she must like her food!"

"You must have GOOOD breast milk" (excuse me? does it look like I want to talk about the milk that is causing me so much pain?)

"She's big for her age. How old is she?"

"Isn't she a healthy looking baby" - I have since learned that the word healthy is only used to describe babies when they look fat.

"Is it a boy or a girl?" (ok... I just put that one in because I like being asked that question when all the poor kid owns is pink clothing. Figure it out yourself dumb bum)

"She is such a bonny baby" (This one is my favourite. Because I haven't heard anyone else use the word bonny except for our dear friend Gran Denny - Loves to you Gran Denny!)

Without the beanie, still smiling

I never knew there were so many ways to comment on the fatness of one's baby. Do you think that if I used these phrases when I next meet a really fat person they wouldn't be offended?

"Good grief! You ARE big for your age!"

I can see my future and I think I am being sat on by a really big lady.



DeNae said...

I still get this. "My! What a big girl you are for your age!"


Gran Denny said...

hahaha, ooh she was such a cutie - and of course still is, but with hair now!
yes, I'm quite well sized for my age too, but that is because it's in my genes you know! I'd look pathetic in family pics if I was reed thin, people might think I'd lined up with the wrong family.

Gran Denny said...

ps. Feeling for your sister-in-law too.

Major was 10lb 10z born and in a hormone induced haze, for a few weeks after the event, Justine delighted to tell anyone within earshot, that she felt she was A LEGEND, to do all that drug free. Time's dealt her a cruel blow though, the memory's fading fast. I haven't heard her refer to said legendary effort since the hormones levelled off.

Anonymous said...

There is the cutest baby in the world! Oh...I could just reach in and hug her bunches!
Love, Granny Juls