Thursday, 22 October 2009

My Flapper Princess

I haven't given much of an update on what LQ has been doing recently and so I am here to amend that.

She has turned into such a beautiful little girl with very strong opinions on certain things.

My Flapper Princess

  • Her favourite foods are olives and cheese. She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES eating any kind of olive (kalamata, black spanish, green, etc). The olive fetish started well before November last year when we went to a friends house for dinner. As is customary, LQ refused to eat any of the lovely dish (enchiladas) that had been prepared so in a frustrated bid to have her eat anything I threw some olives on her plate. She's been sucking them down ever since.
Olives and cheese
  • LQ is very sensitive to any kind of spillage. If her drink spills on the table she will point at it while making a whiny half cry until someone (mummy) wipes it up. Things get a little crazy at nursery when every other child is tipping their drink out on to the table just for fun. She stands quite firmly in spot and says "Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!". I am not sure whether I should be concerned about this. Dal, Hel and Bel went to a friend's house for dinner and to play the other evening. They decided it would be fun to play with some gloop (cornflour and water). LQ just stood there looking at the other children (and me) stick their hands in the gloop and just generally get messy. She couldn't understand how we could derive any pleasure from getting our hands all messy.
  • I have to admit, her aversion to mess may be my fault.
  • LQ is very good at doing puzzles all by herself. Although she would prefer if mummy or daddy did them with her.
  • She loves to take a bath when mummy has a shower in the morning. This means I have to carefully plan when I have my shower now. No more rushed showers before we go out. LQ likes bubbles, but not on her face. She is getting better at laying down in the water to rinse her hair out. She knows that if she doesn't lay down then mummy pours water all over her head and face and LQ doesn't like that.
  • LQ still has a pacifier to help her go to sleep and on the rare occasion that mummy lays down with her LQ will shove one of her "bit bit's" in mummy's mouth.
  • LQ enjoys seeing grandma and grandpa and will ask for them as soon as she knows we are going to church (we go to the same ward).
  • Daddy and LQ love being silly together and when daddy gets particularly silly (like shoving things up his nose) she gets a beautiful belly laugh that is quite contagious. We love taking daddy to work and sometimes we get to see him at work. LQ LOVES the "chairs" that are at daddy's work and squeals with delight whenever she sees them.
Legs crossed
  • Bunny Bear is her favourite stuffed toy. He is constantly undressed, redressed and put in nappies.
  • LQ had a haircut the other day. I was a bit concerned as to how it would go as she HATES me touching her hair. Of course if it's for anyone else she will be a dream about it. Which happened at the hairdresser, too. We even got to give LQ some layers!

That's all about LQ for the moment. I will return to my usual crappy posts soon!



DeNae said...

Your posts are anything but crappy! And those pictures, especially of her vacuuming and sitting on her daddy's lat, are darling.

Enjoy having a kid who doesn't want dirty hands! They're rare!!

DeNae said...

Lap. Daddy's lap. Sheesh.

Andrew and Amy said...

Love the pictures! They are so adorable! Isabel is growing up too fast, yikes time flies! Thanks for posting the pictures, give her a hug for us!