Sunday, 1 November 2009

Australian Halloween

We aren't as practiced in the art of Halloween down here in Australia. We do, however, have a few half American children down here in Hobart who need to be taught in the ways of the Americas. So we put together a Halloween party.

I was late (because I couldn't find the park!), but still had enough to set up the activities that I had planned - Halloween cookie decorating and wand making. Just none of my decorations!

The wand making station - I'll tell you how to make those cute little paint pots in another post.
All I can say is... it's a good thing we drink so much Coca Cola at our house.
Wand Making Table

The most gorgeous butterfly working meticulously at making her wand the prettiest.
A Beautiful butterfly

Dora had so much fun her costume ended up being replaced. It had too much "fun" all over it.
Dora the Explorer

Concentrating on making the best Harry Potter wand.
Concentrating on a Harry Potter wand

An Alien Baby....
Alien Baby

with his Alien spaceship (he forgot his antennae after he landed)
Alien spaceship

Before her 50 wands, Nurse Bibby managed to decorate a number of cookies. This girl is a MACHINE!
Nurse Bibby

No words... well, except "I want to eat those cheeks!"
Cutie patootie

We told the motley crew they wouldn't get any candy until they stood and endured a few photos. I notice though, that there are a few children missing from this group. This is the best photo I could get. Notice LQ - I am certain she would have done well in pictures taken in the late 1800's.
A motley crew

The Trick or Treat Hunt. LQ managed to bypass all the candy and picked up six party blowers. Uh, sorry everyone else.
Trick or Treat Hunt

Two Freddo Frogs!

Is B saying something really exciting to N? or is N just acting excited?

My little Tink on a slide
Tink on a slide

I have decided that that may be enough pictures for one post and will show you my cooking brilliance in the next post.


Ev said...

AMAZING pictures, Helen!!!! And SUCH a wonderful party :) Thanks heaps for all your effort... can't believe you MADE that candy corn!!!???? So blessed to have u in our ward! xo

That Girl said...

Wow! Great pictures! And my respect and admiration have quadrupled for the fact of making your own candy corn. I can only worship.

Nikki said...

Great post mate. And yes you did an awesome job. So impressed. X

The Williams family said...

Yes B is saying to N.."no photos of Mums " he he
but twas a wonderful party.and yes so blessed to have you do this for us all
LQ is very cute in the photo
much love

DeNae said...

I missed this one the first time around. Those paint pots in the next post make a lot more sense now! And sheesh, Helen, you are an AWESOME photographer! I loved your remark about LQ posing for those 19th century photos! So true!

Laura@livingabigstory said...

Wait! Now are you from Australia or visiting ... I'm reading bits from some of your posts that seem like Aussie slang, but not sure if it just rubbed off or is natural.

(Served a mission in Sydney AGES ago -- LOVED it!)