Sunday, 1 November 2009

Paint Pots and Candy Corn

My creative juices (and internet searching skills) were flowing the past two weeks. Here is some of what I did.

I used these paint pots that I made myself at the Halloween Party. A quick tutorial is below.
Paint pots

This is my candy bouquet
My candy bouquet

I made the lollipops myself. I got the idea from Martha Stewart.
Home made lollipops

Coke can in a pop

I also made the candy corn. I guess you could tell when you saw the colours in the wrong sequence. Oh well... nobody was any the wiser at the party - until I told them. I got the recipe from here. The recipe doesn't mention any candy temperatures. I was kind of guessing at the temps and if I do it again (not likely, it's very time consuming) I would boil the mixture to soft ball temperature.
home made candy corn

Ok. Here's my paint pot tutorial.

Wash as many coke cans as you will need. I also took off the little ring pulls.

Grab some black poster paint.
Black paint

Paint TWO coats of black poster pain on to the sloped part of the coke can. I used smaller coke cans (250 mL). Let the first coat dry before applying the second coat or you are going to have streaks of red showing through.
Another use for coke cans

Measure the height of the straight part of the coke can - from edge of slope down to where the red and silver meet at the bottom. My measurements were precisely 67mm. I then took a burnt orange A4 piece of cardstock and cut a rectangle 67mm wide with the length of the A4 paper. Having the rectangle the length of the A4 paper means it will double around when you glue it to the coke can, but I was too lazy to trim it and I don't think it looked any worse for it.
Putting it all together
P.S. Glue the rectangles to the painted coke cans.

Print out some labels and glue to the paint pots.

And there you have it. Easy paint pots that you can just dispose of once you are finished with them. I am thinking of making some for LQ to use here at home. I probably wont spend much time prettying them, though.

I was going to cut out some carved pumpkin faces to glue on other cans like these, but just didn't get enough time to do it.


Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

ACK- I cannot believe you MADE candy corn. You just moved up 10 notches on the cool scale. You are an animal, Hel (a very cool, crafty, candy-corn-making animal). :)

Maree Rose said...

Hi Helen it's Natalie. I am so glad you have a blog - me too!! Check it out. Yours is a lot fancier than mine (I think you need to swing some tips my way) but you always were the computer whiz. This is the best way to keep in contact and I am so happy we can stay in touch this way. Talk soon xoxo

DeNae said...

Holy, cri-ZAP Helen! You are amazing! I gave out candy corn to the Trick or Treaters. Does that count?

Gran Denny said...

What neat ideas, love the paint pots and the lolly bouquet. What's candy corn? I'm thinking popcorn maybe...