Tuesday, 17 November 2009

A public service announcement.

I used to have a sense of humour.

I think I may have lost it during the great 'quake of LQ back in 2007. I'll let you know if it ever comes back. In the mean time, I'll put you to sleep with my tales of reupholstering chairs and how truly unfit I really am.


I have found a place just around the corner from where we live - ok, maybe a little further than just around the corner, but still... - that is almost as grand and entertaining as Disneyland.
Really, it is amazing. When mum suggested I visit the "Tip" shop I balked. I wasn't about to buy my dining table at a place that regularly trawls the garbage for their stock! But mum was in charge of the car, so that's where we started our search for the second hand dining table of my dreams. And that's where it ended.

LQ and I try to go at least once a week to pick up something that we may "need". Last week I went to buy some paint. White paint for $2 and then standing there amongst the dust and the light was MY chair. One I have been coveting on every other design blog for the most part of a year. A quick scan determined there was no price attached. A brief chat with one of the ladies and it was mine for $30. I could have left it how it was because the fabric did in fact match the colour scheme of LQ's soon to be redone room, but I had other plans for it.


and now, here it is in all it's reupholstered glory. I bought the fabric from Spotlight for $6 a metre. It was on sale because it is no longer winter here and this, my dear friends, was winter fabric. Yippee Skippee!

Pink Chair


My body is falling apart.

Not in any sick leprous way. In a "I'm a gimpy walking old lady with too many sore muscles to care about life" kind of way.

I am only 28 years old for heavens sake! What happened to easing into my pain ridden years? For two whole months I have had lower back pain that has now crept down my left leg.

Does anyone have a diagnosis for me? I have an unreasonable dislike of visiting doctors... they scare me with all the judging they do. I went to the doctor about my back pain 3 weeks ago. To determine the source of the pain Doctor Old Jerk started pressing on my lower back... right where my soft and squishy love handles are.

Doctor Old Jerk: "What's this?" pressing more on the squishiness than the back. I think he may have liked squishing my back fat, just as much as I enjoy squishing playdough.

Doctor Old Jerk: "Well you are overweight. Just don't gain anymore weight."
Me: "Oh ok." It's like I enjoy walking around feeling like that fat elfin santa.

I have decided it is because I am unfit. So I am looking for motivation to move my butt in a sort of routine that will slowly melt away my tummy fat. Any suggestions? And please don't tell me to "just start doing it" because I've already tried that. That sort of motivation doesn't work for me.


DeNae said...

I enjoyed step aerobics, and it worked best with a workout buddy. But it has to be someone you meet at the class, not that you ride with. Because if you call them while they're still at home to tell them you're not coming then they can still do something with their morning. But if you know they're already at the class, then you'll feel guilty about leaving them hanging.

And that chair looks fabulous!

kiwibabee said...

well when you find what motivates you, let me know. It certainly is not my husband, he keeps on threatening to put a rope around my waist and drag me behind the car. I just tell him he better watch out, because when I weigh more than him, I will just sit on him.

Maree Rose said...

How many times have we had this conversation and still both of us never could get off our butts. I tried aqua aerobics the other day - I was the youngest there by about 50 years so I had no worries about stripping off. Apparently it's a sport of the elderly. It was a full on workout (well for me anyway)that really worked on the old tuckshop arms and that bit of fat under my butt cheek that has now melded into one with the butt cheek.
Failing that maybe try that Zumba workout that has been splashed all over the infomercials... It would be hilarious doing that haha

Melanie H said...

What you are describing is called sciatia. It's basically that your sciatic nerve, that runs from your spine down the back of your hips and thigh, and then moves to the front of your leg at your knee, is being pinched in some way. There are lots of causes.... It sucks. I've had it for about 15 years and it always sucks. Chiropractic work and acupuncture have helped me a lot... And stupid exercise helps too... But I'm with you, not much of a self starter in that area.