Monday, 9 February 2009

With a name like "Simmo's Beach"

With the name "Simmo's Beach", why did I not expect dirty water filled with a bunch of bogans?
LQ enjoyed the rocks most of allSorry about this photo - it takes me so long to upload photos, I just thought I'd leave it as is

For the unintiated, a real true blue Aussie tends to "shorten" a person's name and then add an 'o' at the end. For example: Dallas = Dallo, Bel = Belo, etc. It doesn't always work, but most of the time a Bogan will try his best to add that 'o'.

On another LQ front, she and Dal watched a Suns Basketball game on Saturday. They had popcorn as a snack.

Enough photos mummy


Amelia and Elliott Smith said...

Sorry the beach was gross... at least Isabel's dress was cute :) I'm taking you up on the Oscar awards ballot, I could use some good australian treats :)

Brandon said...

Watching the a Suns game in Australia? You guys are truly amazing.

Matthew Stavros said...

It's surreal seeing photos of our house on someone's blog but we love it. It looks like the Kent Pumpkin's taking over the veggi garden. Kill and cut as necessary, then repeat.

Matthew Stavros said...

Oh and I love the new wallpaper.