Monday, 23 February 2009

Following - A dangerous past-time

If you have a blog, you know that you can link to other blogs on your little sidebar or where ever you really like. Most times that little link includes the most recent post title.

In my case (if my blog has weathered the "poo" storm and stayed on anybody's blog) my current post has been "Poo Smearing Monkeys".

I guess some people wouldn't appreciate that, so just for the sake of a safer post title next to my name, I have created this post. Look, I am even including some photos of LQ.

I call this run of photos - "The Cinderella Complex"I sewed this dress - yep, I am proud

Trying to get the shoe back on


CaJoh said...

Great blow by blow— love the pictures of her trying to get the shoe back on.

My blog roll of blogs I follow got so long that I had to remove the titles so your poo story wasn't visible to my readers.

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

You SHOULD be proud of the dress. Those pictures are awesome!

DeNae said...

Doesn't LQ need a prince to get that shoe on? I'm pretty sure I saw that written down somewhere.

(Although I always kinda thought those women had to be the most obtuse creatures on earth. Who wants to marry a guy based on whether or not he likes your shoe size??)

Hel said...

LQ will never be the dainty-footed princess that gets the guy with the shoe. Her feet are much too puffy and big for that sort of thing.

She will be the more discerning princess who after 100 years of sleeping (doesn't THAT sound good?) marries the first guy to kiss her.

Gran Denny said...

Too cute for words, poos and all

DeNae said...

Helen, thank you for your sweet nomination! You rock, too, sister!

(BTW, I'm a little slow on the uptake - I'm not sure what I'm being nominated for. Unlikely that it's Miss Congeniality. Maybe "Most Likely to Never Get a Life"?)

fifi said...

wow helen. good job on the dress. you are like soooooooo domesticated!

I LOVE YOU said...