Thursday, 5 February 2009

A Random Question

Steph, who writes so eloquently on Diapers and Divinity picked little old me to tell eight random things about myself. My usual response to these sorts of things is a grunt and then I try and forget about it. But I really like what Steph has to say on her blog and I feel kind of special that she wanted to know more about me....

Here are the things my blogger friends would never find out about me unless I told them in a "Random Things you don't know about me" post. I have done the 25 Random Things on Facebook, so I am cheating with a few of these and just copying! It still didn't help me finish these eight random things in less than a day.

1. I have played the piano since I was seven years old. Rephrase: I have played the piano not so very well since I was seven years old. Even though I lose my place, play on average one hundred wrong notes per song and probably play way too fast, I have still been asked to play for each different ward I have attended. It's excruciating.

2. LQ was born on a Sunday evening. It turns out I was at church that morning playing the organ. A rumour went around the congregation that I am so dedicated to my calling as ward organist, that I was in LABOUR while playing the organ. I did absolutely nothing to dismiss that rumour. Don't tell anyone it's not true - I like to think I am more righteous than I really am.

3. I met Dal on I promise, it isn't as creepy as it sounds! My dad was on a job exchange in Canada and my friend had just "helped" me sign up so I could see all the "hotties" that were online. Only a couple of months earlier, Dal's friend had insisted he sign up too. I think we were both pretty lucky to even find each other. Because I was traveling and not tied to any particular job, I was able to move down to Orem, UT and spend a good five months with him before getting engaged and moving to different countries (he to China, me back to Australia).

4. I am afraid to have a second child. Not because I am scared of the pregnancy and child birth (although they are both not so very nice), I just don't know if I am capable of raising more than one child on so little sleep. I get VERY cranky when I don't have enough sleep.

5. I have not read Twilight and I choose NOT to see the movie. I am sure that if I were not so stubborn I would enjoy it, just like everyone else. But when the first novel came out, I wasn't interested, so why should I be interested now even with all the hype?

6. In my other life, I was an Events Coordinator. It was mostly Engineering Conferences that I had the pleasure of organising, so I believe I can now call myself an expert in Engineering. I can also give you a few unnecessary facts about Soybeans and Maize, but only if you twist my arm.

7. I can NOT stand clutter and mess, but will do anything to avoid doing dishes and folding clothes, including every other house job under the sun. I have also been known to go more than two days without a shower, but that is only since having LQ. I have since recognised that this may be a quiet epidemic amongst mothers.

8. It has taken me too long to get to number eight. It is just a lot of effort to think of random things that are interesting and that do not reveal the side of me that shouldn't be introduced to society at all. Here is my proper number eight: When I finished my 25 Random things on Facebook (and let's face it, those random things were indeed a poor effort), I received this insane feeling of pleasure as I tagged 25 more friends to catch this "Random" bug that is flying around the world. I guess it is true: Misery really does love company.

I choose:
Amelia (getting you back for your husband tag!)

I am not sure if these people will even read my blog any time soon, but I am willing to wait.

Three pictures of me that you would never see unless you asked.


DeNae said...

I am most interested in your story of how you met your husband! What a unique means of finding your 'other half', and so very different from my story; I grew up with my husband. We met for the first time when he was 3 and I was 1, although like the righteous LDS youths we were, we didn't start dating right away!

You have every reason to be concerned about having a 2nd child, but go ahead and have one anyway!

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Thank you, Hel! It was great to read about you and get to know you better. I am very impressed by your piano skills and you ARE totally righteous for playing the organ in labor and all. :) That's great how you and Dal met; for my single friends' sake, I'm glad to hear there are some normal, cool people on there sometimes. I obviously have no authority to give you family planning advice, but I say as long as you're ALREADY not getting any sleep, go ahead and go for #2. I knew that once I got back into a routine of sleeping through the night and such, it would be very hard for me to start over. Besides, I found that children are very forgiving of cranky moms; we're just not good about forgiving ourselves. And I think quiet epidemic is a great way to describe the showering dilemma.

Thanks for your kind words about me, and the pictures of you are darling. I think you have a beautiful face and eyes.

Hel said...

Keep the loving coming you two! I feel as though I have made two fantastic blogging friends with the two of you!

Despite my fear of children, I keep getting bizarre feelings of "must have another child" whenever I am around tiny little babies. Thank goodness we have moved from our last ward... the Nursery leader had a little baby that "always" needed to be held by me.

I think it is cruel putting an insane desire to have more children into women.... yeah, you know I am talking about you, Big Guy!

Oh, and DeNae, maybe I will bless your ears with the story of Dal and I. It's quite the story... sorry Steph, it involves a LOT of abnormal people online!