Friday, 13 February 2009

Friday 13th - The Demons are Loose

Thursday evening, Dal mentioned that he wasn't looking forward to Friday because he has been having a pretty crappy week and then Friday is a 13th.... it could only get worse.

I poo-poohed his negative attitude and told him that I have always found Friday 13th's to be quite lucky for me. I went to bed that evening expecting to wake up to a FABULOUS day.

Dal woke up at his usual ungodly hour to travel the two hours to work. LQ and I lazily got up at 7.15am. I just KNEW the day was going to be good, because the gods and LQ granted me a "sleep in".

The morning contained a fun time of colouring, eating and dancing. All went well until 11.00am when LQ became possessed.

LQ wanted to prove that she still dictates the order of things around here, so when I put her in her crib for a nap she screamed and cried for about 45 minutes. I finally pulled her from the crib, restraining my urge to just wallop her. Don't worry, I had enough sense to realise it would only make me feel good for a couple of seconds and then the mum guilt would set in.

I didn't smack her, but I certainly had to distance myself from her for a while, so I sat her in front of the tv while I calmed down. It was lunch and more tv after we had all taken a few deep breaths.

I had a few phone calls then, and it wasn't until 1.30pm that we tried the nap thing again. It worked and I was able to straighten up the house. It gets crooked all the time.

Two hours later was when the real naughty demons showed up. LQ arose, she started to pull everything out that I had just finished clearing up... Fair enough... I expect that most days. BUT then LQ found the markers that we had been using in the morning to colour with. Unbeknown to me. My fatal decision was to let her keep playing with them when I became aware of the situation. She seemed to be using them responsibly (what 2 year old does anything responsibly??!!!), so I let her continue playing with them while I frosted these.

I became engrossed in my little project and only remembered I had a child when LQ proclaimed loudly and proudly "TA DAH!". I looked across to see what my child had done to warrant such a proud sounding noise.

She had coloured most of her foot in a nice shade of navy blue. My little LQ was most proud that she was finally blue, but she had also managed to colour a good portion of the floor beside her. I dropped everything, gasping a "LQ, nooooooooooo......!" as I grabbed the roll of paper towels and the strongest cleaning spray I could find. Much to my utter relief, I discovered the markers were water soluble. I cleaned up the mess, took the offending markers away and sent LQ on her pretty, little destructible way.

stupid photo - if you look closely you will see the coloured foot

I am not sure what was wrong with me yesterday, but to say I was a little distracted is an understatement. I claim an horrendous case of squishy brain. Because I WENT BACK TO THE COOKIES!!! Will I ever learn?

LQ came in to the kitchen 15 minutes later, holding half a crayon. The other half she was happily chewing. I sighed, asked her to spit, threw out the crayon and took the entire colouring set away. I couldn't think of what she could possibly do with the pencils and pastels, but I sure realised that she would find something. A chair was pulled over to the bench where the cookies were being frosted, LQ was encouraged to stand on said chair and "help" mummy frost.

Again, I was cursed with the case of the squishy brain. 2 year old LQ couldn't grasp the concept of the frosting, so just ate the three cookies that were offered to her. She then leaned over to grab at my "perfect" cookies. She almost fell off the chair three times trying to get at the cookies. She managed to eat two more cookies while smearing frosting from one end of the bench to the other before I decided that I needed to leave my project unfinished while I strangled took care of my 2 year old.

It was dinner time - I figured LQ had eaten most of her dinner portions in her five cookies, so I sat her in the highchair with some vegetables and a bowl of cottage cheese. Yeah (insert exasperated sigh)...... she threw it all over the floor.

Did I mention LQ vomited twice during the day? It was only small watery vomits, but both times I didn't see it happen. I only managed to see it after she had played in it and tasted it.... EEEEEEWWWWW!

I should also mention that Dal came home proclaiming that it was the best day he had had ALL week.

At the end of a long hard day, brushing her teeth for daddy to take a photo. Like the good little girl that she is


DeNae said...

Oh, Helen, you make me laugh! I've lived every single second of this story, although mine didn't take place in Australia. Until I had one myself I would never have believed a 2-year old could reduce me to tears. Hang in there, baby!

Amelia and Elliott Smith said...

oh PHEW what a day! Those sugar cookies look GOOOOOD. I'm going to attempt to make some tomorrow. Pretty sure they won't turn out as lovely because Audrey will want to be held and when I don't, she will scream bloody murder strangling my legs until I finally give up and hold her anyways.

Matthew Stavros said...

We do the body paint thing all the time. That's why the markers are water soluble. I'll see if I can dig out a photo of Miyako all painted up.

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

She's such a cute little demon, though. :)

I LOVE YOU said...