Monday, 2 February 2009

No Need for DOCS - Dept. of Child Services

I have had a rough week. A few things went down that made me feel as though I wasn't a good mother.

I call this the whining face

So I am going to use this post to tell you what a great mother I am. To remind myself more than anything.

I, like every other mother in this world, have my days where I question my ability to properly raise a child. But then my husband reminds me that LQ is in a loving family situation. I am teaching her values and morals. Her mind is stretched each day as I explain to her the many situations that we encounter. Whenever she is hungry, she knows that all she has to do is ask, and she will be fed. Even when she doesn't ask, she is fed. And against all the lazy bones in my body, it is NOT McDonald's every day. We have cuddle time each morning where we lay in bed and point out things on mummy's face (read: pokes mummy's eyes out). We dance together. We sing together. We occasionally cook together. And even though I would LOVE to have a job and a career, I have chosen, instead, to stay at home with LQ so she can grow up feeling safe in the knowledge that whenever she needs me, I will be there. (Working mummies: please don't feel like this is a jab at you, I reckon you guys have it tougher than me!)

I call this a well-loved child shot

After all that self-loving, I need to let you know how fantastic Dal is. While others would prefer to visit with a caged ravenous lion than disturb me when I am angry, he braved the beast the other night and brushed aside my cold prickly demeanour to eventually have me laughing again. And THAT is how I know that he loves me.

Instead of comments, I would like you to write down (on your blog or somewhere else that you will see) the things that you do that make you a GREAT parent - because everyone needs to be reminded every now and then.

I call this the "laying on mummy's tummy while she takes a photo on the floor" shot


fifi said...

So i'm not a parent that means i can leave a comment but I was thinking maybe I could blog about how amazing I am just in general? know emotional stable and all that :P

Lisa said...

Hi Helen,

I know Dallas and the crowd from the Raintree Apartment days, and I found your blog via Melanie's a few months ago. (It's just taken me a little while to work out of my blog shyness to comment.) Basically, I really enjoy what you write, I can relate to all the mommy issues and joys, and you make me laugh. Thanks for putting it all out there for the rest of us to get a chuckle and a little relief once the kids are in bed!


p.s. My blog's private, but if you're interested, send me an email to youngfamilyblog@gmail and I'll send you an invite.