Wednesday, 3 September 2008

REALLY, you don't want these lollies!

LQ disappeared this morning. It took me quite some time to get off the couch to look for her. I found her sitting next to the toilet. She found a bright pink coloured package that opened and shut with a few items inside. She had one of the items in her mouth which she promptly took out and offered to me (this is her new thing - offering everything from her mouth).

This offering took me back to a time when it was embarrassing for us Cluff girls to ask mum to buy us feminine hygiene products. Instead of asking mum to buy us "whatever", we would say "hey mum, we've run out of lollies. Could you please buy us some when you go shopping?" My two younger brothers overheard me saying this once and begged mum to buy them some "lollies" too. It didn't matter what we said, they were convinced they were missing out.

Back to LQ this morning. I'm sure she was enjoying her "lollies" immensely. Here's proof.

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fifi said...

Ahhh yes. I'll have a box of cakes too :)