Saturday, 20 September 2008

Hooray for the Cord!

We finally got the other package from Hobart on Friday. Which means we got the camera cord! Here is a catch up on what we did with our lives when we didn't have the cord.

LQ sat in her toy box

LQ and mummy went outside in matching Crocs

LQ got a special couch - mainly to encourage her to sit further than 5cm away from the tv

LQ sits like this if she's not right up at the tv. If you look closely you can see Blues Clues.

LQ got away in the middle of getting dressed - Here is her rump reflected in her singing toy

It's serious business being half naked

LQ claimed Dal's man chair

LQ decided she likes Drumsticks (icecream cone), but only the bottom part

LQ graciously lets mummy eat "her" icecream

Fiona and Frazer LOVE LQ

Tyler chose a buffet for his birthday - it left a LOT to be desired (I got sick)

LQ enjoyed the buffet

LQ loved sitting with Tyler when we were in Hobart

I am proud of my neat "fudge" writing on Tyler's birthday cake

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