Monday, 1 September 2008

The First Day of Spring

I've never been a winter person. Give me long summer days every day of the year. In Summer you can stay in the park later. You can have barbeques in the warm evenings. If the fancy takes you, you can eat dinner outside. Sleeping with your window open is a small, but magnificent pleasure. I take great pleasure in drinking in the smells of a summer's evening. Summer to me is like the longest warm hug I can experience.

You can imagine then, the longing I get during the bleak winter months for the simple pleasures of summer. Mother Nature could not have given me a better "pre hug" today. Today marked the beginning of spring and what a marvelous start to MY warmer days it was. It was a promise of things to come and I could not leave the day without commenting on how much I appreciated the weather. It seems that our leftover tree (the others were murdered) has also noticed spring and made it known by covering itself in beautiful blossoms.

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fifi said...

the other day I awoke to blossoms outside my window! unfortunately the first day of spring in Tasmania was rainy, windy and horrible.