Monday, 15 September 2008

Me vs Ideal Me

I am always thinking about how I can improve myself. I lay in bed at night contriving ways to tweak "myself". Each evening (usually around midnight) you will find me setting goals so I can achieve the supermum status that I think would suit me well. As I slowly drift off to sleep, I KNOW I will go running the following day. I KNOW that within three months I will be the Ideal Me.

You see, the Ideal Me has everything under control. Ideal Me gets up at 6am (an hour before LQ) to go for a run and have a shower. Then Ideal Me reads my scriptures while LQ eats her breakfast. By 9am, Ideal Me has put on a load of washing (if required) and has stimulated LQ's little brain by spending an hour playing with puzzles and other educational toys. As the day continues, Ideal Me works toward a perfect home (including perfect children), a smaller waist and a tertiary education. Ideal Me has a healthy dinner made by 5.30 each evening, watches little TV and falls into bed before 10.30pm.

However, as a new day greets me - and my eager 16 month old - Ideal Me takes a hike. In her place is ... - Me. And "Me", on most days, is lucky to get out of her pyjamas. It is only when "Me" is back in bed (around midnight) that Ideal Me pokes her pretty little head around the corner and gives Me another look at how grand life will be ... if I could just get out of these pyjamas.

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Melanie said...

I'm pretty sure I like the real Helen better anyway. . . seriously, who likes to hang out with IDEAL people?