Friday, 26 September 2008


In the never ending search to find constructive things for LQ and me to do every day, I asked Dal to buy some "bubbles" while he was at work today (he works in a mall - very handy). Well, not only did Daddy buy some bubbles, he bought a bubble machine as well!!

We (meaning me) ripped open the packaging so we could start blowing bubbles straight away. This is LQ's first experience with bubbles.... and she found it HILARIOUS (read: 'ilarious)

We have set up the bubble machine in the bath and the hand bubble blowing will be for outside fun. I can't wait for tomorrow!


Amelia and Elliott Smith said...

Well Audrey already loves Isabel. She was laughing right along with her and trying to grab her through the computer screen. It will be so cute to get them together :)

dallas said...

YAY!!! yes, we're excited for the meeting of the cousins. it's certainly going to be fun. we're especially excited for disneyland. isabel's going to certainly enjoy some of those fantasyland rides. yay!

so... don't you think it's time you updated your blog? any current pics of audrey to put up there?

Granny Jules said...

From Granny Jules,
Oh man am I excited to see my little Isabel. I have watched this video over and over again, chuckling each time!!
I love you Isabel!!