Friday, 1 August 2008

Up for a Good Laugh? Don't Read This

Dallas and I love a good comedy and the Vicar of Dibley usually delivers laugh-out-loud comedy.  Its older stuff is (in my opinion) a little funnier than the new stuff, but Dallas and I highly recommend the show if you want a few good, belly laughs.

So when we saw that it was on TV last night, we immediately changed the channel from the American "So You Think You Can Dance" and began to watch Vicar of Dibley.  Once again, it delivered some stupid moments and a few good "Owen" quotes (you'll have to find out for yourself what those are).  The premise behind this particular episode was Geraldine's 40th birthday and the fact that she was trying to get those around her to act against world poverty in the 2005 Fight Against Poverty venture.  It was all very lighthearted with a few serious lines thrown in for effect.

BUT, at the very end in a last bid attempt to convince the dimwits that surrounded her to support the white armband she goes to the website and show's them a video.  I have imbedded that same video below.  The show ended and I was sobbing.  Never before had I experienced such emotions at the end of a Vicar of Dibley episode.  I was in shock.  Not only was I not expecting it, but it was such a powerful clip, I just couldn't get it out of my mind.  And of course because I kept thinking about it, I kept crying.  What a tragedy.  So here it is.  I warn you... if you want to have a good day, maybe you should refrain from watching the video.

WARNING!!!  This is not a happy clip!

Now, I may have been manipulated by a fantastic marketing ploy, but I am sure that although it was specifically made for suckers like me, that this situation is real.  As a result I am now sending my resume to UNICEF to volunteer at their Sydney office.  I'm sure they could find a use for my administrative and event skills.  Maybe we CAN each make a difference - I don't know, it's a possibility.

Global Call to Action Against Poverty

UNICEF Australia

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fifi said...

I'm proud of you Helen :)if you haven't checked it out already go to This is the organisation that I donate to monthly and where Brodie eventually wants to volunteer as a nurse