Wednesday, 27 August 2008

A Heap of Laundry

When we arrived home from Alice Springs, we of course had a mound of washing to do.... that I promptly did (the first moment I had a chance) - what a wonderful housewife! The problem with doing a LOT of clothes washing is that there's an inevitable LOAD of clothes folding. Thus my problem is created.

I have no problem washing the clothing. I have no problem hanging the clothing on the line or putting it in the dryer. I have no problem taking it out of the dryer or taking it off the line. But when it comes to ironing and folding, I find both tasks so arduous! I usually just leave the clothes in the baskets until we've used most of those clothes again - then I'll drag myself to the few clothes that are left to fold and put them away.

The problem with this method - we just didn't have enough baskets or floor space to contain all the clothes that were washed after our holiday. But I was not going to be beaten! I found the perfect spot for all the clothes.

LQ doesn't sleep in her cot anymore (unfortunately), so why not find a more practical use for it?

P.S. I finally spent a good full morning folding the all the clothes that were dumped in the cot. It turns out sometimes I can't even stand having that amount of laundry left unfolded - and it was getting too hard searching out specific pieces of clothing.


Melanie said...

I did the exact same thing with Nolan's pack and play the other day. playing in the pile of clothes is now his favorite thing. Good for you, getting them all folded. I don't think I will. . .

Kelly said...

Oh yes, what a wonderful housewife! I have the same dislike of folding, and what I did was buy 6 washing baskets - one for each member of the family and one for linen, towels, etc. After each load comes off the line I sort it into the baskets then it's quite easy to take the basket to the appropriate cupboard and fold it straight into the cupboard. Or, in the event I don't fold it straight away, it's easy to find those little socks etc., when it's already sorted. Oh yes, I'm going to write a book about it and make heaps of money and hire a maid to do my washing!!