Wednesday, 27 August 2008

LQ - Just because she's cute

This is my favourite photo of LQ at the moment - doesn't she look like a little girl?? Now all she needs is some hair and the look will be complete.

For some reason LQ LOVES the taste of her wipes. I would say that it's the alcohol in them, but they are alcohol free. The wipes are usually kept out of reach, but sometimes we forget and she gets to taste the sweet goodness of baby wipes.

This photo is for my mum. We thought LQ looked exactly like mum when she wore her oversized sweater. The beads just make her look even more grown up.

Speaking of grown up - LQ's highchair has now been converted to a toddler booster seat. She sat at the table as a "toddler" just the other night.

Can someone please tell me what the attraction is to frozen peas and corn? As a child I was never inducted into this "fraternity" of frozen pea eater. But I've heard that it is a favourite - and LQ devours them.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

looks like bindi irwin in the first photo.

"i am an elephant from india."

-bindi irwin-

from tyler