Monday, 25 August 2008

Isabel Hearts Danielle

For fear of jealousy (from certain aunties and uncles), I have been hesitant to post this.

I have been careful not to let LQ harrass Danielle (our boarder) too much, but when Danielle has some time, LQ can't contain herself. She absolutely worships Danielle. To be allowed to play in Danielle's room is a real treat for LQ. She won't even yell out to me to find out where I am - this is usual if she is in any other room in the house.

Yesterday, Danielle came home after an unsuccessful venture to the university library. LQ couldn't contain herself. First they walked around the house - giggling the whole time. And then Danielle gave LQ some half empty water bottles to play with while she did a few "assignment" things. I caught LQ looking adoringly up at Danielle.

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fifi said...

I'm glad that all the hardwork and heartache it took to get that blasted rug to you was worth it :) that aside. I have harbour no jealousy. I just wish I was Danielle.