Friday, 8 August 2008

Would you just WALK?!

Frustration. Complete and utter frustration has been my main emotion this week as "walking" Isabel has turned from an exciting venture into a chore. It seems any time she wants to be happy, she will call out to Dallas or me to come and take her for a walk. She has no confidence that she can walk even a few steps by herself and holds tightly to both hands as she walks. Isabel is fantastic at walking (with someone else), she even loves to run. She is happiest when she is walking. But I have other things to do aside from "walking" Isabel.

For this reason, we bought a cheap little car that Isabel can sit on and ride or just push from the back. I guess I was expecting her to take to it like "me to chocolate". More frustration ensued when she refused to push the car by herself. I wanted to scream. I think I've been told by every parent that has had the chance to talk to me about children and walking that I DO NOT want Isabel to walk, because "once they start, there's no stopping them." I appreciate the comments, but a 15 month old lump is not all that fun to carry around and is less fun to be around when all we do is walk up and down our hallway for 20 or more minutes. Which leads me to a tangent - I've noticed my attention span is a lot shorter than Isabel's. Isabel is quite content to pull out her blocks and then throw them back into their container over and over and over and over and over, etc. It's usually because I can't stand the monotony any longer that we move on to another activity.

So back to my original thought - I am begging for Isabel to start walking. If you are among the group of parents that think I am mad for wanting this, then so be it. Let me learn my lesson in my own time. But for the moment, I'll enjoy this following video as much as I can.


fifi said...

umm..that's my beach towel! Isabels cute

Kelly said...

No way! When they walk it's the best! My boys were so much happier when they could walk. It can make some things more difficult, but on the whole, much easier, especially in the home environment.