Friday, 8 August 2008

It's Over, It's All Over

After weeks of planning the logistics of a visit to the cinema, conditions were right yesterday. Dallas took some time from his busy schedule, we loaded Isabel and paraphernalia in the car and set off for a half hour journey to the nearest Gold Class Cinema.

In a recent post, I sang the praises of Gold Class Cinema. This was because of the perfect environment it provided for taking Isabel with us to watch a film. Yesterday we realised this perfect arrangement had come to an end.

Since before its release, the Dark Knight has been on the top of our "must see in the cinema" list. It was an obvious choice for our Gold Class experience. On our drive to the Macquarie Centre (where the cinema is and incidentally also where Dallas works), Isabel fell asleep. This was not a bad thing as she was due for a nap and the plan was for Isabel to stay asleep in the pram while we enjoyed some time with the Dark Knight together. It was unfortunate then that Isabel was awakened by the very loud beginning of the movie.

She sat placidly eating our potato wedges and snacks from her nappy bag for half of the movie. It was when the chicken tenders were delivered that things started to go pear shaped. Because of her fussing, we missed how Batman pulled the old switcheroo while he was trying to capture the Joker (I'm trying not to spoil it for the VERY few who still haven't seen it). Dallas took Isabel to the side of the cinema to calm her down. He was still watching the movie, but not in the best way - so I figured I would be able to settle Isabel down. I offered my services..... and missed the rest of the movie. I desperately peeked in the theatre occasionally, but Isabel got wise to the fact that I was not giving her my full attention and she wailed/whined a little bit louder.

The car ride home was a bit strained to say the least. My dear husband had given up a little of his valuable time to spend it with me (Isabel was an inevitable extra) and had instead spent it mostly by himself. Much discussion ensued - it is hard for us to find a babysitter, but it is even harder taking Isabel with us now. She is no longer the placid little baby that was happy just to sit with us.

Things that came from the debacle yesterday:
  • I still haven't seen the Dark Knight!
  • We have locked in our boarder to babysit Isabel at least once a week so Dallas and I can go on a date
  • Isabel will NOT be accompanying us to the movies until she is ready to appreciate Disney movies
  • AND as a present to me, we bought a cupcakes, cookies and cheesecake recipe book! So I'm off to make something yummy.

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