Saturday, 30 August 2008

Fathers Day

Here in this bizarre upside down land of Oz, we like to spread our parental celebrations apart a little, so we celebrate our fathers in September.

I was a little slow on the uptake in June and the American fathers day came and went before I had a chance to breathe. Fortunately I get two chances at this fathers day thing and have been thinking for some time about what I should get Mr. Smack for the day of all days.

The television seems to want to give plenty of unsolicited advice as to what "my special man" should receive. The height of ridiculousness it seems came when the Godfrey's man with his sexy comb-over told me that not only does my one and only WANT a hand held vacuum, but he also NEEDS one. My utter scorn for this suggestion came in the way of a scathing remark - made as usual to the empty space of the living room, "that's the STUPIDEST idea I have heard in my life. What idiot would suggest a hand held vacuum? I am completely CERTAIN that no man would ever want a hand held vacuum!"

Roll forward 24 hours. Mr. Smack is sitting on the couch with LQ. LQ has managed to "eat" a cookie in the exact manner of Cookie Monster - spraying crumbs all over the place. Before I can blink, Mr. Smack casually says "do you know what I'd really love to have right now .... one of those hand held vacuums..."

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dallas said...

i've been secretly harboring lustful desires for a hand held vac for quite some time. i say things like, "yeah, i just really want an iPod. iPod's are the coolest." sometimes i'll even say, "yeah, i'd really like Foxtel, it would certainly make my life better." but what i'm really thinking is, "please, PLEASE see through the lies and get me what i really want... a hand held vac. unwittingly godfrey has tapped into my deepest and most embarrassing desire. DAMN YOU GODFREY!!!"