Tuesday, 29 July 2008

A Lament for the dying Naptime

Well, it's official.  Isabel has now cut her nap times from two to one!  She thinks she is such a big girl staying up for more than four hours at a time.  I didn't mind so much when we went from three naps to two.  But going to one nap time is a big step for me that I think I'm not quite ready for.

I am still getting used to the whole idea and still sometimes sit around in the morning waiting patiently for her to look tired.  It takes me half a day to realise that she's not going to have an early nap.  I think it's on those days that I'm more tired than Isabel and want to take two naps myself.  She's just too busy these days, still having a chomp or two on anything that's at her height (dvd's), calling out to daddy, banging cupboard doors, eating breakfast, picking grass, helping mummy and lots of other "busy" things.

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fifi said...

I almost cried when pam told me the boys couldn't sleep for longer then 2 hours anymore and when Samara told me the same thing 2 years later. It sucks