Monday, 28 July 2008

Schmerdy - A note about my post "A note to Isabel"

Dallas just mentioned that the above mentioned post was a bit depressing.  After inquiring as to what made it so depressing, Dallas pointed out the line "the lack of interest in my own life".  Hmmmm..... well I guess that could be construed as depressing.  We have a word in our household - it is used to convey a feeling of general malaise.  This word is "Schmerdy".  So if I were to feel "schmerdy" about something, then I really don't care either way. 

I would use schmerdy to describe how I was feeling when I wrote that post.  It wasn't meant to be depressing.... just schmerdy.  After a kind word from Lisa and a sunny day (on Saturday), I am feeling less schmerdy about my life and more..... well, we don't have a word for that yet.

P.S.  The picture of the man came up in my google image search for "schmerdy".  I believe his name is Anton Schmerda.

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Anonymous said...

It wasn't a depressing post, besides they can't all be "happy happy joy joy", I think Anton Schmerda would agree with me there. Although he does look very serious. Love the photos, too bad you can't post some of the cookies!!

Lisa x