Monday, 28 July 2008

What to do on a Rainy Day..

It has been pouring down with rain here in Sydney since yesterday afternoon.  Along with the rain came a drop in temperature by about ten degrees!  So Isabel and I decided (together) that we wouldn't venture outside at all today.  It was too wet and WAY too cold.  But a girl can only play with her toys for so long before she starts to whinge.... and we couldn't have that sort of noise around because daddy was studying at home today.  Which meant that this afternoon Isabel and I were occupied by "inside" activities.

First - We coloured.  Actually, I coloured and Isabel "sorted" the pens, crayons and pencils
And then we washed some clothes and put them in the clothes dryer - Isabel particularly liked the taste of Dallas' nice clean sock
And then we cooked daddy some chocolate chip cookies - Isabel sorted the eggs.  I was a bit nervous about it, but then she accidentally stuck her finger in the dough and then it was on.  I gave her a beater with scant cookie dough on it to keep her quiet.

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fifi said...

Hello my little Dot. It's aunty shi shi. I wish I could bake cookies with you :( miss you.