Sunday, 5 April 2009

Death of a Monologue

Blogging back in 1938

You can blame Dal.

And a considerable time spent with him in a car or in bed (ewww.... don't think like that! We don't do that sort of thing in bed!)


A few weeks after our arrival into Sydney, I realised that I was on my own. Dal went to work and to university and I was at home with a 2 month old, and not much to do but eat and sleep. Which suited me fine to begin with. I would occasionally facebook it and there was a brief love affair with ebay - it ended abruptly when only one piece of clothing (out of the five) that I bought actually looked good on me.

But, as any good child tends to do, LQ continued to grow. And I was forced to rearrange my sleeping and eating schedule. Facebook got a little old and my RS president said in no uncertain terms that I should actually write on my blog. So there I was, computer in hand... with lots to say and no one to say it to, because Dal's work load had just increased one hundred fold. I figured a blog was the perfect place for me to write my inner monologues just once. I had started to copy and paste sections of my emails to all my friends and family in an effort to keep carpel tunnel syndrome at bay.

As I continued to blog, my monologues became more refined *snicker*. I never seemed to lack in the blog fodder department. My darling husband, bless his cotton socks (what? I just like saying that) was physically present, but needed to save all his mental energy for writing his thesis that, I might add, has been awarded a Distinction. I would like to claim part of that distinction came from my complete "bed chatting" restraint. That's right... Instead of talking for hours on end once we got into bed, I let my Dal sleep. All my "bed chatting" energy went into my blog.

Now, in 2009, it seems I have my husband back. Each night he is kept awake for at least 30 minutes more than he intended by my inane chatter. Last night I got a fit of giggles seemingly from nowhere upon remembering the newsletter that we received from nursery (Sunday school for LQ). Apparently they are "implanting" new procedures in nursery. The fit of giggles followed a full 30 minute one sided "conversation" about how much I hate church at the moment. (Clarification: I hate going to church. I don't hate church. I hope that cleared things up)

So you see, ladies and gents, by the time I sit down to share with the world my day to day thoughts, feelings and fun times, they have already been shared out of me. You are lucky I was by myself when I realised why my monologues were dead. As it was this post almost didn't make it because LQ decided to dirty her pants, I needed to eat and Mickey Mouse was quite compelling this morning.

Does this mean that my blog is going to die? I hope not. I have made a few fun friends so far on my blog journey. I hope the death of my monologues means the birth of something even better.

To my sister: I am sorry, Bro. It really is true.... I think I am all out of monologues. Maybe one day I will surprise you with one just for you.


DeNae said...

Excuse me?? I do NOT approve of the death of the monologue. I would miss my Helen fix! about how you and Dal met on the internet. Talk about how you feel in the first weeks of pregnancy. Talk about the differences between Australians and Americans (Like, do you sing "White Christmas" down there, because it seems like it wouldn't exactly work...)

Tell us stories, Helen! Have you noticed, my blog isn't about what happened today; heck my last post was a story from 8 years ago!

And you can still have that "monologue" with Dal. (Like we don't know what you mean by THAT!!)

Amelia and Elliott Smith said...

Uhmmm... is DeNae saying you are pregnant, or is she just giving suggestions? I feel ya about not being in the blogging mood. But, please don't stop!

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

I understand that an attentive husband is way more important than a silly blog, but I'm selfish. So keep writing stuff. :)

Gran Denny said...

Love the 30s blogging pic, lol, and second DeNae's comments, no approval given to stop blogging oops monologging. You have far too many interesting things to say to leave us in the dark.

CaJoh said...

When I read the title, I thought of the movie The Incredibles where they talk about monologuing. But I think I know what you're talking about. Keep up the good stories all the same.

That Girl in Brazil said...

I don't blog about anything my husband doesn't already know is on my mind.

Priorities, man.

We don't mind being #2. (Or lower.)

Kelly said...

Um, so do we need to have a funeral for your blog? Or will you find some different stories to share?