Wednesday, 22 April 2009

400 Pictures Later

Since receiving my Nikon for Christmas, I have gone a little photography crazy.

If I am taking a photo of LQ picking her nose I will end up with 30 pictures that seem to be identical - some are a little blurred and others LQ has her eyes crossed.

With this photography disease I took our camera on our recent Easter holiday to Brisbane. On our arrival back home I realised I had in excess of 400 pictures from the five days that we were all together. I managed to cull it down to about 260. So from that 260 I give you 36. That should give a snapshot of the fun we had while we were away.

If you would like to go to a bigger version of this slideshow, click here.


DeNae said...

Very cute! I love that little dress she's wearing. "Uncle" Frazer? Do you have a little brother that young? I'm thinking it's gotta be hard for your mom to have you leaving Australia; seems to me she barely finished raising you! Tell me, Helen: Is she younger than me??

Matthew Stavros said...

Nice work with Picasa.

Gran Denny said...

Gee Helen your photos are great, Isabel looks soooo gorgeous

Anonymous said...

DeNae, I am 58 years old. Frazer is 15. Work that out!! Yes, we will miss her terribly. Thank goodness Helen is such a good blogger. Obviously didn't get that from me.Looking forward to our time with them in Tassie. Mum