Tuesday, 14 April 2009


Guess who has fallen in love in with a certain spanish girl who loves yelling her demands (and everything else that comes out of her mouth) at me?

There is a certain swooshing sound that starts the opening credits of Dora the Explorer. LQ was playing shapes with me this morning while we had the tv on for background noise - I don't do well with silence and LQ. With her back to the tv, the swooshing sound had barely finished when LQ looked at me with excitement in her eyes and exclaimed "DORA!"

I blame Easter weekend tantrums and a lack of sleep. All I could do to get some peace was throw on Dora. Don't judge me - the constant shouting of Dora is punishment enough.


DeNae said...

I love Dora! She's too young for my kids, but she's a little Puerto Rican girl so she has a special place in my heart!

I heard a rumor that the creators of Dora are going to "grow her up" a bit over the next couple of years. Say it ain't so!

Misty said...

I am not a fan of Dora, or the Wiggles for that matter. Piper likes to ask me "Do you like Dora?" when she knows that I don't. She'll be reading a Dora book at the library and will tell people that Mommy doesn't like Dora.

Kelly said...

My younger boys went through a phase of loving Dora! I didn't mind. It has nothing (annoyance-wise) on Mulligrubs. If you don't remember Mulligrubs you are indeed in luck.