Friday, 25 February 2011

LQ was vomiting BEFORE we made the Princesses

It started with these two lovelies.


LQ chose the blue colour for the cow that she now calls a horse.  Yeah... I don't know either.

Then LQ decided she wanted to make a duck.  But she chose the colours - for everything.


I think it turned out to be a really nice looking owl.

Last night, LQ asked to make some more finger puppets.  She happened to be drinking apple juice from a "princess" cup and so princess finger puppets it was.  We were waiting for daddy to come home from Mutual.


Princesses without mouths... the way things should be.  Although I do enjoy Cinderella's song.  Guess what two princesses these two are.

While we are photographing everything on the kitchen table... have a look at this little lovely.



The most boring board game ever to grace this earth.  And I get to play it ten times a day.

Here's how you play.  See the die on the board... it has different coloured hearts on it AND the wicked Queen.  You roll it to see what colour heart to land on on the board.  If you get the Wicked Queen then you don't move - she really IS evil.  Along the way you pick up one of those stupid little "treasure" cards as you pass each princess on the board.  I just can't see how a yellow silhouette of an apple is really going to be something treasured by Snow White - I can hear her in her high pitched voice saying how much she treasures the most the thing that practically killed her.  Stupid.  Then you go back to the part of the board that has your princess on it.  And you win.

Basically, you go around in a circle, pick up four cards and you're done.  If I'm lucky, LQ will mix it up by insisting halfway through that game that we need to swap princesses.


Amelia and Elliott Smith said...

Those puppets are so fun! The game sounds like a real winner, maybe we should plan a game night :) I hope Isabel feels better. Audrey is currently suffering from an ear infection. She has sucessfully placed a Hello Kitty bandaid over her ear with all the sticky stuff stuck in her hair. Awesome. We will probably be making another trip down to the doc. When does it end?!

Anonymous said...

Amelia have you tried garlic oil in her ear? saves trips to the doc.
I know this is your blog helen and that you would freak about using garlic but amelia might be amenable to it and i don't have her contact details. I love your blog and you.mum