Thursday, 24 February 2011

Dates and Deals

Dal and I went on a date on Tuesday evening.  The second date in less than a week.


Our first date was to the Mesa Temple on Friday evening.  It was long overdue.

Our Tuesday night date didn't really start off as a planned date.  We had planned to spend the time together, but we weren't really expecting the time to be as enjoyable or pleasant as it turned out to be.

You see for the past two weeks Dal and I have been participating in an ASU (Arizona State University) Research project on Healthy Couples.  Before you spit your morning drink out with laughter at that one.... we aren't the "healthiest" of couples, I know.... it needs to be explained that the research is on the link between affectionate touch and the fact that generally happily married couples live longer.

For two weeks preceding our Tuesday evening "date" we have been completing short surveys morning and evening about our day and how we have felt, whether we had any positive and negative experiences with family, friends, and work colleagues.  That was the crappy part.  It wasn't all that fun to wake up and have to remember to say whether you've felt angry or motivated or loving throughout the night.  It was bothersome.  So our feelings toward an estimated three hours lab study weren't exactly "giddy".

But those three hours ended up being quite enjoyable, plus the drive back home (about 40 minutes) was fun too.  I can't say much about the actual three hours because they need more couples and if you are going to be a part of the lab study then it's important you don't know what goes on.  Believe me.... it's good blog fodder, I wish I could write about it.  At one point Dal had me in tears I was laughing so much.  He really pulled out his A-game with this one.  Charming all the researchers, etc.  If you've experienced Dal at his best, then you'll know what I'm talking about.

The best part about it:  We got paid to go on a date.  Yep.  Cash and gift cards all round.  I was already planning what little treats I was going to buy as we walked out the door.  Then LQ vomited when we got home and we've been housebound ever since.  Those gift cards are burning holes in my bag!!!

So here's my appeal to the Arizonian blogging pals, go do it.  They have only had about 60 couples so far and they need over 200.  If you are Latino/Latina they will love you even more.  It's a pain doing the morning and evening diaries, but it's fun and interesting being included in some research.  Oh, and you get some pocket money at the end of it.

Go to the Healthy Couples website for more information.

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