Monday, 25 January 2010

Prince William will be requesting friend status on Facebook shortly

So many things happened last week to keep us from taking our small vacation to Melbourne to watch a few games at the Australian Open.

Dal and I were determined to go, however and we managed to pull everything together thanks to help from my sister and our friends/neighbours.

It turns out a few celebrities heard we would be there and showed up to say they had been in the same arena as the Petersens.

Roger Federer decided he would play tennis just for us.

Roger Federer

Prince William of all people wanted a piece of the Petersen action and we had a few brushes with him. Once while we walked through the park to the Tennis.


And once while at the game.

Prince William at the tennis

Lacoste asked Dal to be their new model. pfft to Andy Roddick.

Lacoste Model

Dal kissed Roger Federer


Half naked older men threw themselves at me.


I caught myself in the bathroom after I had a nice spa bath while watching "The View".


While Dal lived and breathed Tennis



Saturday, 23 January 2010

I have missed you

and it's only been three days. I need to get a life.

Here's a sneak peek at my steamy two night get away with my lover.


That's right.... Dal watched tennis on television (when we weren't watching it live) and I took self photos.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

It's all a bit of silliness really

And then Dal said "and you were on the phone with Bro yelling orders about what should be done for dinner, saying go to KFC and buy me some chicken". Which couldn't have been further from the truth if it had jumped into a rocket, shaved all it's hair off its body (so it could be aerodynamic) and tooted its own path all the way to the fourth world (Borovnia).

What really went down was a slightly more boring domestic version of wife avoiding making dinner; wife giving random excuse of meat refreezing and making us all sick if it was eaten; wife on phone with sister; wife doesn't care what we eat; wife would rather starve herself than eat anything that takes any effort; husband once again contemplating pizza; husband suggesting pizza...


"we can have pizza and if you like I can go get some KFC for you" - said with a decidedly displeased expression pasted (with strong glue) all over his face. Displeased because he was already in his pyjamas. Displeased because driving is hard. Dear Husband, pizza is fine with me. I don't need KFC. I can see that the suggestion was made because you love me, but I can also see that the suggestion may be causing you some discomfort.

Dal likes to make large and grandly obvious false statements about what I do and say. He waits with a grin on his face for my somewhat predictable reaction. Mostly sputtering, opening and closing mouth and lots of denying. And he will keep it going until I realise that he is teasing. Then we have a good giggle, he smacks my tush and we go to sleep.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

I am pretty certain that the immaculate conception would have been just as miraculous had Mary been a little less of a virgin ...

and it wasn't the Son of God that was conceived.

For a good week and a half I was pregnant.

At least my body led me to believe I was pregnant. And we had done everything in the correct sequence (stood on our heads by the light of the full moon before dancing up and down the street chanting our ancestors names)

I was excited. Dal told me not to get too excited. He wanted to wait it out and see what things were like after 12 weeks.

I subdued my excitement (a little).

And then I got my monthly (is it still monthly when it doesn't show up on time?) visit from the "You're Not Pregnant" Fairy.

My body sighed. And I said I was fine. But I cried in the shower because showers encourage thinking. And I wasn't ready to think.

I felt silly for being excited. As a matter of fact I felt downright dumb.

Then I thanked God for LQ. And I gave my extra love to her. Which she gave right back with a kiss and a giggle.


In short, I have begun to realise that conception is a miracle whether you are a virgin or not.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Christmas Leftovers

There are a few things that I have done recently that don't seem to warrant just one post, but I wanted to show you anyway.

During the lead up to Christmas I was making gifts for not only LQ but for a friend's little boy. I am currently finishing the rest of the quiet pages, but here's the product that was presented on Christmas day.





LQ couldn't help herself with that last one!


and then there was my brilliant idea for putting away Christmas decorations (I am sure everyone else thought of it before me, but I was very excited to think of it myself)

It's an egg carton


last thing to mention is my disease. I am becoming obsessed with recovering chairs. I have to be physically restrained when I go to a second hand store. I was browsing one such store yesterday and it took ALL my energy to talk myself out of buying a chair and ottoman for $20. Tell me I'm normal.

This chair I bought for $15. I thought it would be a piece of cake to recover and then I discovered the stripped screws.






And there you have it. Some of what has been happening around here. More on the rest of my life tomorrow.

Friday, 1 January 2010


I was thinking of naming this post "New Year's Eve Party", but "Exhaustion" seems a more suitable name.

A family friendly NYE party was the order of the day. Of course this means I was up until midnight the previous evening making confetti. Next time I will buy it.

We counted in the new year at 8.30pm (I am hedging a guess that it was before anyone else in the world). Lots of noise and lots of mess. Lots of fun.

water baubles


Drink to your health