Friday, 1 January 2010


I was thinking of naming this post "New Year's Eve Party", but "Exhaustion" seems a more suitable name.

A family friendly NYE party was the order of the day. Of course this means I was up until midnight the previous evening making confetti. Next time I will buy it.

We counted in the new year at 8.30pm (I am hedging a guess that it was before anyone else in the world). Lots of noise and lots of mess. Lots of fun.

water baubles


Drink to your health




Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Wow, Hel! That looks so great! I love it.

DeNae said...

Oh, for the energy of youth! We rang in the new year by watching a video. Oh, and setting off a few poppers around 12:15. Your place (and celebration) look a lot more fun!

Happy 2010!

Gran Denny said...

Gosh, your party looks amazing. I love it too.

The Williams family said...

you are so clever
i love the decorations etc.
definately the party planner queen
hmmm what can you decorate for me :)

Ev said...

AMAZING! Still gutted we missed it :(