Monday, 25 January 2010

Prince William will be requesting friend status on Facebook shortly

So many things happened last week to keep us from taking our small vacation to Melbourne to watch a few games at the Australian Open.

Dal and I were determined to go, however and we managed to pull everything together thanks to help from my sister and our friends/neighbours.

It turns out a few celebrities heard we would be there and showed up to say they had been in the same arena as the Petersens.

Roger Federer decided he would play tennis just for us.

Roger Federer

Prince William of all people wanted a piece of the Petersen action and we had a few brushes with him. Once while we walked through the park to the Tennis.


And once while at the game.

Prince William at the tennis

Lacoste asked Dal to be their new model. pfft to Andy Roddick.

Lacoste Model

Dal kissed Roger Federer


Half naked older men threw themselves at me.


I caught myself in the bathroom after I had a nice spa bath while watching "The View".


While Dal lived and breathed Tennis




DeNae said...

You are such a celeb! Can I be in your entourage??

Stephen and Chernoa said...

Helen has a blog...WOOOHOOOOO:) Well love sounds like you had pretty saucey weekend away...hmmmmm:/ Enjoyed having a good chat with you in RS on sunday...hope your well:) Hey we have a blog to but its private send me your email to and i will add you:) Noey xoxox

Nikki said...

Nice work mate, nice work.

The Williams family said...

very cool
the hotel looks totally groovy.
love ya

Adrienne said...

Very funny :) You gotta love Roger! Stumbled on your blog and love it.