Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Speaking of Losing Weight

Did you notice my wonderful segue from one post to the next? Good.

I started a diet on Halloween. I thought it was a perfect time to diet, considering the candy, the Thanksgiving and then Christmas all being lumped into two perfect months. There's nothing like taking on a challenge and then making that challenge 50,000 times harder by having to refuse good food all the time.

No matter. It turns out I'm really good at refusing food. In fact - just let me toot my own horn for a while - I am FANTASTIC at refusing food. I guess all I needed was someone to tell me *exactly* what I should be eating... and I'm all good. I've lost 8 pounds in one and a half weeks. I feel good. I'm looking forward to the weight loss slow down.

Just as an aside - I really don't get excited about food in general. If it's there, I will eat it (hence the weight gain), but I don't care if it's not there either. Which why I am finding this diet to be a little easier than I expected.


I entered this picture into a little competition over at Diapers and Divinity. Something to do with joy in motherhood... and it came third! (p.s. I am sorry mum if you don't like how you look in this photo - I L.O.V.E it though). It is a photo of my mum and sister just after going through the temple. Can you believe that my mum is wearing what she wore when she got married?!



I read various blogs. It seems like it is a "thing" for mothers of young children to record the wonderful and often funny things their children say. I always think that that's a pretty awesome idea... and hope to one day copy it. For the moment anything that ANYONE says kind of just dribbles out the back of my head as soon as I hear it. So trying to remember things that LQ says during the day is kind of like trying to hold in your pee while jumping on a trampoline after just having a baby (NOT going to happen).

Having said that, there IS one thing that LQ says quite often that I find mildly amusing. If I ever do something that she asks me to do, she looks at me quite earnestly and says "Thank you for obeying, mummy". I think the obedience lesson has sunk in.


fifi said...

Great work on the weight loss. I've found that the more you refuse food the easier it becomes. It's all in the mind! I just rarely have the mind to do it.
I haven't seen that pic before. It is a nice one.

Stepper the Mighty said...

Okay, so what's your secret? Because if there is no food - I do care. I go out of my way to find the food. And if it's a donut, all the better!

I'm dreading the postpartum poundage - and come March 16th, I will need ALL the help I can get!

Anonymous said...

Yes,the segue! I was looking for the comment under each section.
I guess the photo is not too bad. It is the feeling that counts. In fact I am glad you put it up because I couldn't remember if I had worn my new temple dress on that day. Now I do!
Always the polite one Isabel - love it.
Good on ya with the weight loss. Mum