Wednesday, 17 November 2010


The time: 4 o'clock this afternoon.

Max & Ruby is playing, too loud to really be in the background, but in the background none the less. I sit on my bed, playing around with the computer having a moment of peace. LQ decides it is time for a potty break in the ensuite.

She has become quite adept at doing the "potty" thing. She wriggles her body as she pushes her pants down, slides her little bottom over the seat and proceeds to tinkle. I don't take much notice of what she is doing until she lets out a giggle.

I look over to where she sits. She is using her arms as leverage as she lowers herself into the toilet and then brings herself up. LQ lowers and then giggles again.

"Mummy! It's COLD!"


The time: 9 o'clock this morning.

LQ asks for one of her new bandaids. I had promised her a Woody and Buzz Bandaid the previous evening if she would just go to bed. It seemed only fair to give her one. She took it and mumbled something about a sore nose as she walked out the door.

Shortly thereafter she returned.



The time: 10 o'clock this morning.

LQ was nowhere to be seen for a while. Her ladders were also missing in action. I almost interrupted the intricate play she had designed for herself. I let it go until she called out my name "Mummy! I stuck!"



fifi said...

Hahaha ewwww doidy!!!!! Yucky!
She's so talented. When are you paying for me to come over? :(

Anonymous said...

Such cute photos. Such a cutey.
Paying for you Fi??? mum

Unknown said...

I love the bandaid story. How many times have we made up an injury just so we could have a cool bandage to put over it?

Katy said...

Hi Hel, this is Katy. (The crazy apostrophe girl.) Thanks for your comment on my blog! I completely agree with you. And now I am going to stalk your blog. Because I am also a "self-confessed blog lurker" :) Have a great day!

fifi said...

It's been a week! I'm dying here