Thursday, 4 March 2010


Count them.... Four posts last month. You would be forgiven for assuming I don't care much for blogging anymore.

I thought I didn't. I thought I was done. It seemed to be consuming my life and there was not a healthy balance between computer time and other time.

But after pulling away from the blogging world for a while, I have decided that I CAN have balance. I just need to look at blogging objectively. I need to stop worrying whether people will be offended if I "return a comment" or not. And I decided that I needed a purpose to my blogging.

Have you heard of the film "500 Days of Summer"? I have only heard of it, not seen it, so I can't really comment on the film. But the title intrigued me. I wanted to do 500 Days of ----- something. So I have decided to commit to 500 Days of Memories.

I will attempt to post EVERY. SINGLE. DAY for 500 days. And each post will be one of my memories. Boring, I know. But not for me. And a perfect way of putting down a lot of what I didn't write in my journal when I was younger.

500 days, though. Am I crazy?

Only time will tell. See you tomorrow with my first memory.


Skebba said...

Nope, you're not crazy. Everything needs a purpose. Enjoy your blogging!

Stephen and Chernoa said...

That sounds awesome:)

CaJoh said...

I love the idea. I look forward to the 500 days of memories.

Best of skill to you in taking on this amazing undertaking,

The Williams family said...

cool.and you have a talent for expressing words beautifully
i like your style hunny
puzza with us when you guys get back
and yeah i reckon no need to repy to comments..i just make comments knowing its like "ideas/thoughts out there"that wee all share around
love you Rosny ward misses you both but hoping its all great fun

The Williams family said...

uuum thats pizza not puzza ! ?