Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Just a man

*Ahem* - cough - cough.

You didn't really think I was going to do 500 posts? 500 = 5 in the world of Hel.

Actually I have every intention of following through with my threat, but it is not going to be an every day affair. Too much is going on right now for me to really make that sort of commitment. I don't know what I was thinking when I announced to the world that I would post 500 days in a row. One day I will do it, but not starting today.


But this post is not about posting. It is about Dal.

I don't write much about Dal on this blog. He used to do movie reviews for us a season ago, but I guess he and I are alike in that regard - blogging doesn't hold our attention for long enough.

We have officially started our fifth year of marriage today. And although a total of four years doesn't mean a lot in the world of marriage, I am secretly pleased with how our marriage has gone so far.


It is all Dal's fault. Our marriage is so perfect because he is the. single. most. ever-loving, patient, wonderful man you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. If you are single, let me give you a tinsy bit of unsolicited advice. Come and spend a few days with us. Watch and learn how a woman SHOULD be treated (from Dal, good heavens, he treats me better than I treat myself). Once you feel as though you know Dal, then search. Search for a man exactly like him. Isn't my advice helpful?

When you are here, you will see a man who tolerates mountains of clean clothes on HIS side of the bed. Most evenings he patiently scoops up my best intentions of folding and puts them back in the baskets, only to have the best intentions confront him the following evening.

You will also see a man who takes an interest in what I do every day. A man who applauds when I tell him I was able to have a shower today. Because he knows that it is an enormous accomplishment. There is not only applause, there is also celebration. And I glow from all the praise.

You may also get to see a man who rolls with the punches. A man who realises that a cuddle in bed is ten times better than any advice he may want to give. He is a man who doesn't tell me to "get over it" after hearing the same problem for the 20th time that week. A man who KNOWS that even if it IS hormones it is still okay to be sympathetic.

Dal is also the sort of man who will always want some sort of physical contact with me. Not always in the most romantic way (have I told you the first time we met he flicked me on the leg? It set my heart aflutter) but the constancy is a gentle reminder of his love for me. Really, he doesn't beat me... I promise!

If you stay up late enough, you will probably see the man that rolls out of bed when all I can do is feebly say "yes" when the call of "MUMMY!" comes in through the door in assaulting waves.

I could continue for quite some time giving you a smug list of wonderful attributes my husband possesses. His gentleness, his humour, his smarts, etc, etc, and so forth. It is only because I fear a smack down from someone wanting to get on with their life and finish my post that I stop.

And if you really think I have no business gloating about four years of marriage, go on over to this blog. She's been married for 25 years and writes a LOT better than I do.

Wedding mosquito


Melanie H. said...

As someone who has known Dal for many many years, I am so glad you two found each other. He is all the things you say, and he always deserved someone who was as amazing as he is.

And he found her.

Happy anniversary!

DeNae said...

Happy Anniversary, Helen! I love, love, LOVE your wedding dress! So "I gotta be me"!

What an awesome tribute to your husband. Sounds like you both scored keepers.

(And you cute thing, thanks for the linky shout out. But no more "she writes better than I do" nonsense. You are a FABULOUS writer.)

CaJoh said...

Absolutely love the dress. That last photo is quite funny.

I tend to forget what to get for each year of an Anniversary. I think one year we decided that it would be practical things instead of the ones dictated. So hope that you enjoy your Pancake Flapper Anniversary!

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Happy Anniversary. Sounds like you got a dying breed; definitely worth celebrating, isn't it??!!

Mattias, Karissa & Enzo said...

Happy Anniversary! Absolutely love the wedding pics! You two look beautiful!